Reception Amenities

At The Pinnacle Center our motto is “No Place Tops the Pinnacle”. The Pinnacle Center is a unique blend of architecture, natural setting, technology, award-winning cuisine, exceptional event planning, and an impeccable attention to detail that will enhance your special day.

Since our opening in 2000 the Pinnacle Center has continued to add unique amenities that you won’t find in any other reception facility.

Our philosophy is there should be no surprises on your most special day so we bundle our amenities in a single room rental charge. It’s our way of making sure your big day, or night, is easy on the heart and the pocketbook.

Room Rental Rates

Friday / Sunday Evening: $2,000.00

Saturday Luncheon (11am - 2pm): $1,000.00

Saturday Evening: $2,500.00

All Room Rental Rates Include The Following:

  • Room Set-Up

    From staging to head tables everything is covered. Our staff will even set up your name cards, toasting glasses, party favors, guest book, and card box. We offer access to the ballroom three hours prior to your reception for your floral and wedding cake set-up.

  • Risers for Wedding Party

    A single tier stage will accommodate a wedding party of up to twelve. (24” elevation) A lower tier will accommodate a wedding party of up to twenty-four (floor level).

  • Ivory Linen Service

    All ivory tablecloths and napkins for guest tables are included. Ivory skirting and linens required for display tables, gift table, food tables, and head tables are also included.

  • Music Service (Includes DJ)

    Our DJ system with integrated spot lights and dance effects is built-in over the dance floor. This ensures that guests outside the dance floor can enjoy a conversation. Our music library contains over 800 million songs. You can also bring in your own music during the event planning process. You can also bring in your own DJ or MC for the evening and we will integrate them into our system.

  • A/V System

    Each ballroom has two built-in technician operated HD 1080p cameras, HD projectors and large wide format screens that allow your guests to enjoy the events of your evening from wherever they are seated. Playback of memory productions is also included. Our audio system extends throughout the entire ballroom and into the outdoor areas. Guests in the outdoor areas can enjoy ambient music and conversation while the guests inside are enjoying the dance music.

  • Digital Recording

    A complimentary recording of your event through our HD ceiling cameras allows you to enjoy the memories of your special day at the push of a button. (4 hour mode)

  • Theater (THTR)

    Dance Floor – Our large 20’ x 30’ wooden dance floor has a lighted floor border for added ambiance.

  • Live Streaming

    We will stream your event to the internet with a unique link and password.

  • Soft Drinks

    We serve the following Pepsi products for your guest’s enjoyment – Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mug Root Beer, Starry, and Ginger Ale. In addition, lemonade and iced tea are also available.

  • Coffee

    Coffee service is offered table side during dinner and is available at the beverage center after dinner.

  • Cake Cutting and Plating

    We will cut and plate your wedding cake and furnish a decorative knife for your cake cutting ceremony.

  • Bridal Room W/ Private Facilities

    Even if you choose to be married elsewhere, you’ll certainly want to freshen up before your grand entrance as husband and wife. Relax with your wedding party in your own bridal suite with a HD 4K Television, cable, wireless internet, and beverage service. Your beautiful private room is located away from your guests, but just steps away from your wedding reception. You’ll love the attached bridal restroom designed for brides wearing large gowns, a generous size make-up mirror, and a full length mirror.

  • Outdoor Areas

    Each ballroom has a walkout to a breathtaking outdoor area. The Terrace Ballroom offers an outdoor floral garden, lighted gazebo, and three waterfalls that empty into our lighted goldfish pond. The accent lighting in the trees is a spectacular backdrop in the evening. The Fountain Ballroom offers a magnificent large deck over our large pond. The lighted deck rail is complimented by the lighted 25’ fountain in the middle of the pond and the large spotlights under the deck that light up the wooded area across the pond. Both outdoor areas have integrated LED lighting that can be color matched to your event and multiple speakers.

  • Free Parking

    The Pinnacle Center offers spacious parking and a circle drive with covered canopy for guest drop-off and pick up.

Let Us Help You Craft Your Experience.