If it’s the latest technology you need, we have the perfect solution for your next event. We invest in the latest communication and entertainment technology to satisfy a variety of events.

Some highlights of our technology include: concert sound, intelligent lighting effects, DJ systems, HD camera system, HD projectors and 14′ widescreen format screens, PowerPoint/Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Video playback, wireless internet, plug-ins for laptops, HD event recording, and live streaming of your event.

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The Pinnacle Center interfaces the highest audio components and processing equipment to ensure a unique aural experience in our facility

Stage System

Our concert system in the full ballroom features L’Acoustics line array, subwoofers, front fill, and side fill speakers; wall plates with 48 inputs; Whirlwind multi-pin quick disconnect monitor snakes on both sides of stage; 8 monitor outputs; 8 channels of Shure UHF wireless; a complete inventory of Shure Wireless and corded microphones; and a Whirlwind multi-pin quick disconnect FOH snake at the rear of the room. Our house board is a Soundcraft digital board with onboard digital effects. Over 32 Grammy wining artists have performed on our concert stage.

DJ System

Our DJ systems in each ballroom feature EAW speakers and integrated LED lighting effects for the ultimate dance floor experience.

PA System

Our ceiling speakers offer the finest fidelity as room fill speakers for our DJ system or as a separate system for audio presentations

Outdoor Areas

The outdoor areas of our Terrace Garden and Fountain Deck area utilize JBL outdoor speakers for background music or as a sound system for outdoor wedding ceremonies.


When it comes to video technology the Pinnacle Center is unsurpassed in the amenities offered in the conference center or banquet industry.

Each ballroom features a 14’ Draper tensioned widescreen format screens, Epson HD 5500 lumen projectors, Vaddio HD controlled cameras, Blackmagic seamless video switching, Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Video/PowerPoint playback, HD recording and live internet streaming of your event. In addition the are additional video inputs available in each ballroom and outdoor area for additional cameras to capture your special event. The Pinnacle Center is the only facility that includes these amenities in your rental.

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